RSS Reading

A couple of days ago I exported my OPML RSS subscriptions from Bloglines and imported them into Google’s Reader.

I like Bloglines except:
* sometimes how text is resized in the frame and I have to scroll horizontally
* it doesn’t update the feeds as fast as I would like them too in some odd cases
* Russell gave them a bashing

Though after using Google’s “Reader”:
* The UI sucks
* It’s slow
* I don’t get that broad overview that Bloglines seems to provide in their left frame
* It seems to have all the RSS feeds in one column. I don’t read some feeds very often and I prefer it they we’re seperated like Bloglines instead of cluttering up everything.
* Ok, I DO like their keyboard shortcuts.

Recently I invited a friend to Gmail and she got a address which is too long. Argh. Google, come on. :)

I’m using Gmail for spam filtering, and Groups pretty often. It’s nice when they have a new service I don’t have to create another account and I can just use my Gmail account. That’s a major advantage alone in this Internet game.

Conclusion: I am using Bloglines for RSS reading for now.

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