Recovering pictures from compact flash

My routine with my digital camera:
# Take pictures on camera which get stored on a compact flash disk
# Put CF disk into external USB card reader
# mount and cp files over to ~/pix/kodak
# unmount and format the CF disk on camera

Unfortunately I was wrestling with Debian’s udev and never got the CF to bloody mount!

mount: special device /dev/sda1 does not exist

Then without thinking I replaced the CF and formatted the disk! F#^$!

After Googling around on my Windows work PC I found:

Doesn’t panterasoft realize how much lifelong kudos I would have given them, if it worked? I might have actually paid 60 AUD if I was happy with the end results and had some spare cash. Anyway in absolute desperation I tried (after searching for crack, warez):

frodo$ apt-cache search fat recovery
mondo - powerful disaster recovery suite
mondo-doc - manual for Mondo, a powerful disaster recovery suite
testdisk - Partition scanner and disk recovery tool

And a later apt-cache show testdisk reveals PhotoRec. /me salivates.
OMG, thank god for Debian. Sadly I don’t have time to figure out how to make udev create the /dev/sda1 device for my compact flash card so I downloaded the windows version which works. Thank you Christophe Grenier.


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