On Internet Access

I know I’ve complained about Internet access in Australia before. It really is the bane of my existence.

At my hostel they’re offering only half an hour of “free’ Wireless access. Any more and I have to buy drinks which are at least 2AUD every half hour. That also generally means re-logging in their ridiculous system.

On a side note, I only like to drink water nowadays. And as I think buying water is just stupid, life can be very difficult for me out.

So I am looking for an apartment in Melbourne. It’s simple. I need Internet (ok, and no pets as I’m allergic and wooden floors are a must too). 99% of flatshares do not have Internet as you need to take out a contract with Australian ISPs for at least 12 months. Many young professionals flat sharing are afraid to commit to any one place for 12 months. Me included.

As my geeks friends and I know, without regular Internet access it is very difficult to keep up with developments, esp. in the Open Source world. That really really sucks.


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