Things fall apart

Made packages of Wordpress 1.5.2.

This needs testing. Though it should be OK for Fabio to upload.

I have had horrible problems reverting to a pre dbconfig-common Wordpress packaging with Subversion. dbconfig-common just isn’t going to work with Wordpress for awhile. Use the setup-mysql example for now.

Odd problem on upgrade with mysql I have yet to work out. Also base-config seems broken on my machine after a dist-upgrade. Great.

3AUD an hour in this Internet cafe. I sort of got pickup line working with an Azure accesspoint in Canberra ACTON shopping centre. Argh, free (Wireless) Internet is hard. :(

I’m off to see the Australian National Museum. Canberra is actually surprisingly good, though I am a geek and I like museums, art and exhibits etc. Buses are a scandal though. I wish I bothered to rent a car.

Sydney tomorrow.

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