Down Under

I am touring Australia from tomorrow. Canberra, Sydney and up the coast to warmer climes.

My return flight to Bangkok has to depart from Melbourne, so I’ll be back. I have been offered another 3 month contract though I am unsure whether I can do another 3 months in Melbourne. It is boring here!

I might buy a second hand Nikon D70 for 1200AUD tomorrow. You can almost get that camera new for that price in the UK. Hmph. I was thinking of getting a 1G Iriver USB, but they’ve sold out. Oh well.

My thinkpad’s PSU packed up and I tried to get a replacement from where I bought it. They said I had to go to IBM‘s website etc. and they will pick it up and replace it by courier. They said it would take 4 working days but that’s ridiculous. I’m on the move and I don’t have a fixed address. I ended buying another IBM thinkpad PSU for 90AUD. So if I get the faulty one replaced I’ll have two.

It is a bit of crazy situation the way warranties work nowadays. I’ve read about horror stories were people bought an Ipod from a store and it didn’t work out of the box. The store then refers them on to post their faulty Ipod to Apple. I mean give me a break. I don’t have the time. Last time I posted off a faulty DeathStar I invalidated my warranty as I didn’t read the small print. I had to pack it in at least 2 inches of foam.



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