DreamHost review

I am moving over to DreamHost.

My colleague says the Jmeter test on DreamHost hosted Natalian is about 10 times better than the previous test.

Several of my Web application are still hosted with Jamie’s server. On my CodeMonster account I can only seem to fully host 15 domains. So that means 15 Web applications and I have more than that, although many of them are unstable prototypes.

DreamHost seems alright after exploring the panel for a good few hours.

There does seem to be a major NFS issue regarding Subversion. That’s a pain, as that means that I can’t host my FSFS repository here on my DreamHost account.

Another element I didn’t like with the DreamHost is the amount of new accounts I had to create. I think it was 6 and that’s just one domain:
# WebID
# Spork (mail)
# pico (shell)
# DreamHost Wiki
# Stats
# Mysql

My encrypted ~/personal/accounts file is nearing 100 accounts. FFS! We need something like OpenID.

On my laptop I had trouble with Postfix again. This time getting clear SMTP Authentication to work. How many times have a I tried to migrate from Exim to Postfix? OMG. Anyway, usual story. Back to Exim4 and things work. Although I wish DreamHost would use secure SMTP. Now I have to make sure my passwords are different as my mail password is very vulnerable. :(

Wordpress “one click” installation just seems to untar the latest.tar.gz, so I guess I have to manage updates manually. That’s a pain. Dreamhost should use my Debian package for taking care of this problem with tons of users ! :)

Here is some DreamHost porn to give you an idea about the DreamHost panel.

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