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This e-mail contains priority desupport information and is being sent to MetaLink users as a service from Obsolescence (desupport services).

The following new desupport advisories & notices have been approved and published for your information:
– Oracle Workflow Cartridge 2.6.x on Application Server and Collaboration Suite
– Specific Database Platforms for E-Business Suites ALL (Releases)
– Oracle Quality Online (E-Business Suite) All
– Oracle Install Base Intelligence (XNI) (E-Business Suite) All
– Oracle E-Business Suite 11.0.3
– Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.1 through 11.5.6

The following desupport advisories & notices have been updated and published for your information:
– Oracle Application Server 10g – 9.0.4
– Oracle’s Platform Strategy Advisory
– 3rd Party Advisorie for HP Tru64 UNIX 5.1b

Please review MetaLink Doc ID: 329772.1 for further details on the above.
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All desupport advisories and notices are available in Certify (via MetaLink) by following this path:
“Certify & Availability”>"1. View Certifications by Product">“Desupport Notices”.

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I am so infuriated with Oracle and their 10g product. It is such an ugly bitch to maintain. I have to create new databases every now and then for deployment. That alone takes about 3 hours. Then I have to patch it up with the zillions of advisories which takes about 2 days. Their patching system in their Enterprise Console (Web application) generally fails.

What a waste of time and money.

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