Mobile browser market

Lately, it is really heating up with mobile UAs.

  1. Minimo
  2. Webkit mobile port
  3. Opera for Mobile
  4. Netfront

After being subscribed on the Minimo dev mailing list, I can safely say that it’s a dead project. As for opensource software, I am not sure how Nokia’s port will be licensed. Hopefully opensource, though I am not sure how opensource will work on the mobile platform. You can’t develop on that platform as easily as a desktop. Some advantages of opensource might be reduced…

If Opera 8 is on a mobile, then Opera have a great mobile platform. They need to aggressively market this product the world over and right now. Japan has the edge with small devices and selling in that market could prove tricky. IMO, give it away. I’ve seen at least one phone (KYOCERA?) in Japan with Opera though. Oh, there’s more. Their big hope is with Scandanavian Nokia who are working on the competition, Apple’s Webkit. Oh dear !

Japan’s NetFront is a product I haven’t used, but I am hearing a lot of. If this is going to be on every PSP, it will be HUGE. I am sure it will be, so targeting applications now for that platform should be worthwhile.

I would love to see a good comparison of at least 3 of these browsers. I would happily do it myself if someone gave me the devices to test. Please improve this silly comparison for mobiles Opera!

This is really an exciting time for Web applications. At last there is light at the tunnel for deployment to the masses.


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