Ideal working conditions

Home office

  1. Internet has to be fast and reliable
  2. IBM keyboard
  3. Optical mouse
  4. A decent chair
  5. A decent large LCD screen
  6. A large Oak desk (ok, a tall order!)
  7. Good pens and a good spiral notepad
  8. My own office space (least likely to be fulfilled)
  9. Where no one can disturb me (no looking over one’s shoulder bullshit)
  10. A decent fast printer
  11. Where I can use the toilet in absolute privacy
  12. Where I can have a window to the world, preferably a natural landscape
  13. Where I don’t have to hear sirens, traffic or drone of noisy machines (i.e. QUIET)
  14. Where someone makes me tea when I wish :)
  15. Where I can smell things other than the normal office smells (flowers)
  16. Where I don’t have to wear shoes
  17. Where you don’t have to wear ID
  18. Where cleaners clean when you are not in the office
  19. 40 hour weeks and very flexible (no timesheets!)
  20. A place to lock up a bike
  21. Allows employees to connect up personal gadgets like laptops/mobiles to the network
  22. Where your employer isn’t paranoid about you stealing intellectual property
  23. Where people don’t frown on IRC

Update: I’m starting to think the ‘home environment’ is best for hardcore programming productivity. Though I sometimes miss having people physically around to discuss problems with.


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