After seeing a post by Russell about the PSP I decided to visit my local games store and try out a PSP demo device.

Funny how we call small things devices and larger devices machines.

Anyway, I was impressed by the screen. It’s huge. I played Ridge Racer a bit and it fealt great. I love how you can do backward turns in that game.

It seems to be limited to just 1Gig of flash memory. It’s probably designed so that you can’t share movies on a USB stick. I hate CDs so I was a bit disappointed to discover the proprietary Universal Media Disc(UMD).

I am not sure how the wireless works. The staff there seemed to think you can only connect to another PSP.

Battery life seemed a bit small. 3–4 hours. I guess that’s not too bad.

I would have loved to see the browser all the mobitopia geeks are talking about. Argh.

They will come out in September in Melbourne, at 399AUD.


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