Wireless sucks

I have moved in to a hostel in central Melbourne and once again I am without Internet.

The state library’s wireless Internet access is an insane 13AUD an hour.

I wrote to them about it and received a reply. They said they’ve installed their own access point to access their databases, but not the Internet. Their databases are actually quite cool. I was thinking of dumping contents such as all the ISO standards to my laptop’s hard drive and uploading it to some site in Kazakhstan. ;)

Pity I couldn’t get my IBM T30 to connect to any access points whatsoever in the library. It doesn’t work. I am not sure if it’s my configuration or theirs. Argh! :(

This morning I actually managed to build my own Kismet packages and got it working with my laptop.

A miracle. Kismet works better than wavemon which doesn’t seem to work nearly as well with my Thinkpad’s cisco wavelan card as it did with the orinoco. The program has that bluebeep feel. Who remembers bluebeep? ;)

I detected quite a few access points, but once again I can’t seem to connect to any of them via a “dhclient eth1”. I can capture packets, break WEP and do a DoS, but I can’t figure out how to nicely join a network. :/

I want free Wireless Internet dammit. When I try the forums, mailing lists and irc channels people accuse me of aiming to “steal the Internet”. Oh FFS. The Internet should be free assholes.

In other news I managed to get Dynamic Frequency Scaling working on my T30! Joy! Maybe I’ll get 30 minutes extra from my battery. The battery for my T30 is new and lasts about 2 hours on a full charge.

Wireless sucks.


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