In between .NET and JAVA

One of my work colleagues said to me: “If you’re not in the .NET camp or the JAVA camp, where the hell are you?”

Shame not many people know what LAMP is. Though, I see a lot of Perl developers wanted on contracts, at least in Australia. Urgh, Perl. ;)

I refuse to work with Microsoft technologies, so here I am on a JAVA contract.

Since I came across a real nasty bug, I have been migrating the environment to the 1.5 JDK. I could have gone for a bug fix version of 1.4, but since you’re forced to go to 1.5 sooner or later, I decided to make the jump now. While I’m still sane. Everything was going so well, until some clients complained about this error:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)

I skipped lunch to fix this problem. It turns out that our SWING applications built with the 1.5 JVM don’t run on the 1.4 JVM. That makes sense, though 1.4 applications run fine on a 1.5 JVM. That error message is so stupid, if it said “YOU ARE RUNNING A 1.5 BUILT APP ON A 1.4 JVM”, it would have saved zillions of precious hours. In order to ease SWING deployment I investigated Java Webstart. Die SWING client DIE. It is so going to be a Web application sooner or later.

Another concern of mine is the JBoss4 environment. It’s unstable. I have some experience of IBM Websphere too and I wasn’t impressed with that either. They are all so shaky compared to say a LAMP environment under Debian. I don’t understand how corporations can trust their business processes to them. Insane.

My boss asked me: “is Jboss so bad because it’s free?”

Oh sweet Jesus. Applications that are free software are about 10x better than non-free applications in my experience.

Anyway I was asked to investigate other “Application servers”. Lets take Oracle’s JVM which is part of their 10g suite and hosts their Enterprise Manager.

Check the hilarious comments:

most complicated and hard to use and full of bugs software i’ve ever seen

Finally here is a matrix of all those really crappy application servers.

I think my best advice is stick with Jboss. “sigh”

I would love to see all these sucky frameworks, middleware and application servers disappear. People nowadays prefer using 3 layers of data objects (SLOW) instead of running a simple SQL statement(fast). Get back to basics, UNIX style: small independent programs. You know, using sendmail instead of some buggy “mail framework” to send email.

I guess the problem is most developers develop on a Windows workstation and re-invent a lot of stuff because Windows doesn’t do anything properly.

Though still, object orientated programming is a real fuck up.


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