svn svk sat

Woke up early to get Harry Potter. My flatmate and I are reading it to each other. It’s been quite fun though straining on the vocal chords.

In the afternoon I spent some time with svk.
It seems stable and since I am doing more work from my Thinkpad, I will make the switch.

Also took a little look at Django. I am not convinced about MVC and the docs are a little thin. I will come back to it before making a final judgement.

I have been writing a few little things in PHP. HTML and logic needs to be tight, that’s why I am unsure about MVC. I am quite pleased with PHP‘s speed. It’s lightning fast.

I also discovered YAML. I like the look of it and it seems easy to parse.

Tonight I’m off to the Opera. Sigh. A comedy. I prefer to finish Nick Hornby’s latest book and act out Harry Potter.

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