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Last month I made a few posts at the W3C defending the The Magical Mobile Web Browser.

I asked in the end for some sort of W3C sanctioned certification scheme for Web browsers. W3C has the corporate contacts, I just wish they would use them. I don’t think so with XML loving expert from Vodafone leading an ill concieved work group. :(

Opera’s mobile browser seems the best hope of getting things ship shape with mobiles. Though, funny enough my ex-flatmate Andrei Popescu is working on porting KHTML to Symbian.

In other news I’ve been asked to make a pitch on creating a payment system that will work on a mobile. In order to make a payment, Credit Card payment gateways require:
* Full name or Account name
* Card number (49xx xxxx xxxx xxxx) Isn’t there some checksum for Visa/Mastercards?
* Expiry date mm/yy (could be checked)
* Check code on the reverse of the card. 3 to 4 digits.

I could write this to work on most mobiles, though there must be some existing implementations. Aren’t there? :)

Though I wonder how many mobiles support HTTPS/SSL?

If you have a mobile, please try out the HTTPS and DIGEST test (user:d, pass:p) on

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