Kiosk Linux

Update: Webconverger is the best Linux Web kiosk out there.

If I could setup a “bounty” I would set it on:

I can’t even find the bug for this. SALT or the current default way it stores profile really really sucks.
If this authentication infomation etc. was stored in PAM or LDAP then I wouldn’t have to bother with XDM. A remote profile service would be even better.

A mass market “Kiosk Linux” could then have a chance work. An end user distribution where the desktop is just a browser. No Gnome, No KDE, No bullshit. Just a browser. That’s the desktop.

Web applications could be made to assist people in say, burning CDs. Playing music from Firefox would be trickier.


If you like this, you might like the opensource software Web kiosk software I develop. It's very useful in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy.