Images suck

(Re-)Discovered a TZ conversion bug in coreutil’s date late last night.

Really didn’t expect bugs in shell tools like date.

I could work around it adjusting the epoch with date +%z but that would be an awful hack.

Sadly, I have been writing scripts for handling my pictures again and again. All because EXIFs are FECKED up with by dates by the camera and then by my favourite image viewer feh. And then screenshots etc. don’t have EXIF. narf.

Time is the most important attribute for data.

All the digital images that are taken are going to be very hard to manage without proper dates. The Y2K problem is a joke compared to this IMO.

While we’re here, how about scalable images?

I’ve had this feeling before. If something isn’t designed right from the start, an exponential amount of problems result.


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