In other news I bought a refurb IBM T30 for 1200AUD today. I had one before, from work and I can’t complain. (Ok, it’s bulky and the sound card is crap.) I really wanted a X40, but since I am still backpacking I know how one of those things can get stolen. And I want to save up for my next leg of my trip.

This will be the first time I’ve actually owned a laptop. So I’ll regenerate my GPG key and always carry it around with me, so I can become a proper DD.

On second thought I hate that idea. I hate GPG. Those key signings are BORING ffs. I wish uploads were done in some WIKI fashion. Whereby the Debian community could just approve a diff or something. That’s a low barrier to entry for contributions.

I had previous issues with GPG keys were assumed to be compromised as I kept them on a server in Finland. Since I went though all that bother, I can now recommend this advice to people wanting to become a debian developer:

You’ll sadly need to get your own laptop. Now, that’s a high barrier to entry for contributions to the Debian project.


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