I noticed that Gmail has some updated program policies.

One of them forbids you to reformat the page. Others are pretty acceptable to me.

Russell Coker has also been complaining that Gmail are RFC ignorant.

I started re-directing my mail via Google. Argh. Problems.

For some reason this machine’s ISP Bulldog scans outgoing mail. Of course 99% of my email is SPAM so it refuses to relay mail to Gmail and some ugly Mail delivery loops occur.

I have been using a email catchall. I like catchalls, though SPAM does too. So I might abandon some accounts. If you have problems reaching me you should first search for my full name or contact the postmaster. Though that takes quite a tech-savvy person to do that.

Gmail’s SPAM filtering seems the best. Though I do get some false classification. So I still not quite comfortable not read my SPAM headers for awhile.

I don’t like the idea of relaying mail though Gmail very much. It is a terrible hack and waste of bandwidth. I will change it in time. Though I do really like their Web interface.

The days where I just used Spam Assassin and threw mails into a SPAM folder are long over. I’m done with sending me own mail with my own smtp directly to other hosts too. Email hosting is very difficult and I’m going to outsource as I really don’t have the time.

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