Flickr review

Just playing around with Flickr and a few pictures from my ancient Kodak.

Upload tool win32 was nice, but where is the download tool? It seems like a pain to download the original image. I don’t want to be in a trap. No tie ins!

The interface rocks. But I don’t like the URLs very much. They’re crufty.

I want the EXIF information more tightly integrated. Like my Web app.

Ok a lot of pictures don’t have EXIF information or worse, it’s corrupt or just wrong (data/time misconfigured on a camera). Though a simple tool could help you set/fix the time, with the help of the file modification time.

I like the idea of tagging. But I prefer more general tagging of a URL (of the picture), like does it.

Slideshow currently in my pictures sucks. I must write a general app to do a slideshow with a list of URLs.

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