Laptop musings

I strayed onto Ted’s blog and an entry about laptop microprocessors.

I have been thinking whether to buy a IBM Thinkpad refurb using a Pentium M(T41) or a PIII processor(X31, mobile!). I have been told there is little difference between the two.

Intel on the microprocessor front tend to be stupidly bad recently. They have fecked up that old Moore’s Law.

Unfortunately their competition AMD doesn’t have a mobile processor.

Anyway, the interesting news is Laptops out sell Desktops.

I predicted this years ago, to myself.

Of course I am not going to buy an Apple Laptop. It’s proprietary hardware (AIRPORT) and the PPC to x86 switch will take years. Well, someone at the last Linux user meeting suggested OSX x86 port leaking, but I didn’t expect it so soon.

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