Debian as a Java/JBoss Web platform

My paid work involves setting up JBoss/Java environments for a software company to drop in their WAR or EAR file into.

Btw I hate Java. But since I think Debian must compete as a Web application platform, those Debian Java packagers get my respect. It is a crap job, but an important one.

Many people seem to setup Java and JBoss by hand.
It works OK, if you stick to a couple of conventions and use symlinks.

I prefer packages and since deployment platforms tend to be Red Hat Enterprise since Oracle “certifies” the platform, I investigated RPMs (again).

OMG, I hate RPM.

Or perhaps the piss poor package lists. Used RPMSEEK and RPMFIND? Loser.

Or is it the quality of the packages?

Or maybe it is YUM. I apt-get wannabe that runs like a pig.

Anyway, I gave Jpackage and its RPMs a really good try over a week. But ended up doing the same thing in Debian (sarge) in about 20 minutes. You need contrib and non-free in your /etc/apt/sources.list.

apt-get install java-package
fakeroot make-jpkg jdk-1_5_0_03-linux-i586.bin
Install sun-j2sdk1.5_1.5.0+update03_i386.deb and then I (cheat!) apt-get Jboss4 from an unofficial repo at http://linley.Informatik.TU-Cottbus.DE/debian/

Conclusion: Since I have to use Red Hat, I am going to setup the RH’s environment by hand. I will probably use a Debian system to build/test the Java bean/package/(whatever it’s called) before I drop it into the live server.


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