Sarge preview

Yesterday I gave sarge a whirl from the 8 meg mini.iso and VMWare.

Couple of things that disagreed with me about the install:

* Strange message regarding libc and maildirs.
* Oh darn, no Video detection. That is going to thwart some newbies.
* And, grr, No firefox.

The Ubuntu feature of setting up a sudo user by default was quite nice. I wish sarge incorporated that too. I didn’t recall being able to choose unstable for the sources.list. Hmmm…

Otherwise looking good. I’ll have to investigate that libc-client thing, it is a RC bug imo.

Update: Oops, not going to happen due to sarge RC policy.

Also: I also don’t like how the xterm package is not installed by default and how I had to generate a UTF8 locale for uxterm manually.

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