I have moved most of my goodies over to Jamie’s ADSL connection in London.

My old server in Finland is laying about at Teemu’s place not doing anything. Since I arrived in Australia penniless, I can’t really afford the 42EUR a month colo fees. Which is cheap btw. Anyway, since I am far away here in Melbourne developing on a machine in Helsinki is sort of senseless considering the lag.

Sadly my wonderful shell at is due to expire in 30.09.2005 (damn, graduated!) I have moved some things over from, such as:

* Regular Expression tester
* Fog index calculator
* My Tips and Tricks collection

Stunningly, I installed trac and now have up and running again!

I still need to get (mobile) stuff whirring away, like:
* Fortune

Jamie and Kai sitting ontop a bus

And omg my picture collection !!
I am adding some new features into my gallery system. I think I will release it as a Debian package, if I can think of a good name for it.


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