More downtime

My box hosting and and many other sites will be offline for awhile as I try migrate the box’s data from Finland to Jamie’s box in London.

When I have some money I’ll get my box in some colo facility in Helsinki. Thanks Teemu Hukkanen for looking after the box.

And yes, my wordpress installation’s comments are still not working. I dream of a stable fast net connection and a Thinkpad.

I’ve added a travel category. I will start blogging about my extensive travels in future. Hopefully I won’t get too airy fairy and personal, as practical tips are already anonymously contributed to Wikitravel.

Regarding travel, my accounts have been delivered in the past with a mailing list. Most of my friends are too IT incompetent to subscribe to RSS. ;) I need make the archives of that list available in future. Be good if I could merge the two mediums, email and blog. Wiki incorporated would be great too.


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