Mobile domain names

While watching footie on the TV I noticed domains like and advertised.

What the hell are those assholes thinking?

This is just as bad as a TLD devoted to mobile devices.

These assholes threaten to divide information space aka the Web into two!

  1. For mobiles only
  2. For desktops only

NO! This would have terrible consequences.

Please use a device independent approach:

I know this would make many websites “boring”. They will get more exciting when UAs on mobiles get better. However although limited, information can be discerned through a simple form interface from a mobile device. Just look at AAT on yout mobile. Just think this interface could be used to query client records. Customer orders. Football scores. It’s just about enough to actually have an information application on zillions of mobiles out there with below-par UAs. So do it!

For more, read my Msc.


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