Comment spam solutions

Tried Spam Karma the last few days and yeah it worked! It stopped spam, but it also stopped Jamie and I from posting comments. The options are confusing and perhaps somehow my IP got on the blacklist. I can’t tell because I do not know or care what my IP is. When a comment is blocked, it has a really stupid “bad karma man” message. It would be much better if it linked somehow into filing a complaint which I could then rectify. Daft and de-activated.

Spaminator just seems to use regular expressions to kill comment spam. However this is what Wordpress 1.5 already does in Options->Discussion. So that’s pointless.

So I am sticking with the defaults for now again. This sort of problem should be fixed in the trunk anyway.

Update: FS comment posting still does not seem to work. I’ll deal with this another time.


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