After going to BBC for news for years, instead I goto Wikinews.

I take that back what I said about 6.5 richter earthquakes after Iran. On land with shoddy buildings it must be hell. Atm I am watching a lot of TV in order to cool down in an A/C room. I generally flick between BBC World and MTV.

I do have earthquake nightmares. :( I should seek therapy when I back in some civilised part of the world.

I am very skeptical about this Asian Tsunami disaster fund raising. Most of the money never ever reaches those who need it. And when they do receive it, you create a compensation culture. I was on the Islands and I can tell you first hand that fisherman did not go out to sea because their boats were damaged. They wanted (your) money.

This early warning detection system also is a joke and a waste of money. One hour is never enough to warn people. Spend money on teaching people to swim and simply stay away from the shore after an earthquake for an hour.

I just can’t take BBC seriously after the Hutton Report. It’s really sad. I would go in sofar as now campaigning to not have my tax money wasted on it. Has anyone watched BBC World recently with a brain numbing self-advertising ‘MTV style’ “one moment were at a crash site, next I am being chased by an elephant” video? Give me a break! I hate how they ask watchers to view their website for TV listings, when they could just print that instead of those stupid ads.

Tomorrow I am going to climb up a volcano in Bali and stare mother nature in the face.

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