Debian Wordpress 1.5

Please read the changelog.
And test this pre-release of Wordpress 1.5 for Debian SID. Email me and Teo about serious problems. Although I do not think I will be able to fix them…

Since Internet where I am is so bad, I couldn’t check if the vulnerabilities in Wordpress 1.2 have been fixed. :(

I hope Teo will smooth things over. I put myself as maintainer (I have been doing the last couple of updates), although this may need a NMU. :/

First impressions of Wordpress 1.5 are not great. I still have 1000+ comments that need moderating and interface still seems to suck. I need to regex all those poker/sex shit out of there. Apologies to my comment posters.

Ok, I am going for a dip in the pool to cool down.


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