Too many hops

I take that back about Ubuntu in my last post. The machine only had 128mb of Ram. These machines, some P4 2.6Ghz all have 128mb of RAM. Actually WinXP seems to run Ok, but the live CDs choke. Incidentally all these WinXP seem infected with some spyware. Gatorware et al. Of all the net cafe machines I have used in my journeys, I have say at least 90% are infected. Scary. Worse thing is, they feck up my net connection. :(

So I tried the Ubuntu 4.10 install CD thinking maybe I could sneak a setup to one of these Bali net cafe PCs. It worked! I had a little problem with Ubuntu wanting to download updates that would have taken 5hrs. Pleasantly surprised to find a sudo system. Now I just need to work out what this ISP‘s smtp is. I’ve tried the obvious and the net cafe staff are oblivious.

hendry@ubuntu:~ $ tracepath
 1: (                            0.487ms pmtu 1500
 1: (                                0.566ms
 2: (                         20.439ms
 3: (  66.045ms
 4: (                      588.183ms
 5: (    690.007ms

Tracepath ends in too many hops. I am getting tired of crap connections, I think I might need to head back to Finland or get a bloody shell, perhaps in Australia. With smtp, I could try employ a trick mind, but that would mean putting my ssh key here on this net cafe machine…

This is the first Net cafe to use a proxy. I would always downloading putty onto a different machine if I liked the net cafe in my travels and this place in Bali was the first one that had a speedy 2nd download due to a proxy. I hope India’s Sify Iway have the brains to deploy a proxy (not to mention Firefox!).

Ubuntu: Gnome terminal seems to hang, ah, uxterm is here.

Oh yes, people have been bothering me about Wordpress. I should have got a test release out today with svn-upgrade, but my subversion repositry did a:

bilbo:501$ cat /tmp/ohshit
svn: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
svn: bdb: Logging region out of memory; you may need to increase its size
svn: bdb: Recovery function for LSN 552 237437 failed on backward pass
svn: bdb: PANIC: Cannot allocate memory
svn: bdb: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery

And so on. I goto #svn and eh informs me:

12:31 < eh> hendry: maybe you should do what the error hint says before panicing?
12:31 < eh> hendry: you need to change some parameters in DB_CONFIG
12:42 < eh> hendry: read


Hmmm, I am none the wiser. So I am restoring from backups. This will take some time for the backup to slip into place as it’s about 1 Gig and I am too afraid to use rsync with the bust repo. I am getting a little insecure on Unix as I am forgetting commands (the lag too doesn’t help). Too much Indonesian sun?

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