Laid back

So I am in Bali, Indonesia and BBC World today announce another fecking earthquake. 6.5? FS, that’s nothing!

I am aware there are new versions of Wordpress and Maradns. Wordpress upgrade looks a little tricky, but it’s nothing that the debian package system can’t handle. I did have in mind to put configs some how in user space for a Debian machine to be able to easily able to support multiple blogs. Lot of work.

Oh I need to blog about my GPG key. According to my AM since I don’t have a PC, my key has been compromised. My secret key atm lies in Finland hosted with another DD. Oh dear, oh dear. More will come about this thorny issue, I’ll assure you. It won’t stop my work though, as teo or liiwi checks it as usual!

Oh if you use my maradns package, you should out the latest mailing list posts regarding the recursive resolver.

I don’t have a computer and the wireless Internet connection I am using now SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!!! SSH is awful slow. I am not sure how the hell I am going to do this. I want to do this work.

I’ve also need to prepare a 3000 word paper for an Australian Mobile Business conference. I think this will be a little test for me to see whether or not to take up a Phd program. If my paper gets accepted, I am sure it would be easy. If not, then Kazakhstan beckons.

Argh, these computer configurations seem to block ssh traffic on port 22. So I booted one of their machines with Ubuntu live cd. FECK it’s so fecking feck feck slow. I blame CD Roms. There is always r/w errors. Oh feck it. So now I have a basic ssh connection (slow as hell) on one machine, and using IE on another. Feel my pain in paradise.


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