Alright on Andaman

I survived that earthquake and Tsunami on last boxing day.

I always wanted to experience an earthquake but when I was awoken by what seemed to be someone tugging at my hammock that Sunday, it has been a living nightmare.

Maybe it is my present drab mood, however I feel that this has brought out the worst in people.

Oh the:

Where I was on Havelock at the time, no one died. So it is difficult to contemplate about the thousands who have lost their lives.

Antoine my french travelling companion has posted some text in french and some of my pictures.

I was supposed to fly to Bangkok on the 8/1/2005. As that flight is cancelled I will go back to Chennai on the 17/1/2005 by 3-day boat from Port Blair. I will travel around the south-west of India for a couple of weeks in order to waste winter time and meet a friend in Laos in February.

If I could stay longer on the Andaman I would. Fantastic Jungle resort food, Amazing Beach no.7 and the snorkelling on Elephant beach on Havelock is incredible. I hope the authorities allow tourists again as many local people depend on it. I hope potential tourists know that the North Andaman, especially the touristy locations such as Neil Island and Havelock are safe and well worth visiting.

The 'Gang'


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