Wordpress 1.2.2 and Mad Greetz

Debian package of Wordpress 1.2.2 is available.

I have tested the package now myself on my own blog.
My striking “blue gold” design will return! ;)

Tomorrow I will be off to the Andaman Islands. So I’ll be out of contact by email. Come new year you could try send a text message to +919888159639.

On the subject of contact and my trip I have decided to abandon the only two “working” Web publishing (CMS) paradigms, the Wiki and the Blog and shoot for ye old mailing list.

Trouble is the textarea editing does not have vim or aspell when I access my machine from stupid Internet cafes abroad. I know I could “mail” wordpress, but I have not got around to setting it up. Anyway, I am not convinced the style is transferrable right now. Don’t have time to explain.

So if you want to be on my super kiff travelogue mailing list, get in touch. I’ll put archives up later.

Here is to a happy and prosperous new year!

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