Andaman islands

Andaman Islands with Barefoot India

I booked, Antoine and I am going to the amazing Andaman Islands on the 19th by boat for the New Year. Three days by boat in a bunk!

The next leg is a little more pleasant. A flight to east Bangkok on the 8th of January with the help of Barefoot India company who are the Andaman Islands travel specialists !

There are 15 new flights in 2005 accomodating 50 people between Port Blair and Bangkok. Right now it is very tricky (just waited today for 3 hours for the boat ticket) to visit the Andaman Islands. The usual misguided India traveller will say the new flights will spoil these Islands. The present figure for tourists is about 5000 a year. Realistically this venture could only push the figures up by 10%.

Barefoot India has made it easy with the flight, so get in contact the Andaman Island holiday and diving company, Barefoot India.

And yes they’ve also promised a few nights free accomodation for us if they get a (better) Google ranking. ;)

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