Web engineering for mobile devices

Currently my masters thesis about the Web API and mobile devices is only available as a PDF. A paradox, for the time being.

Since my thesis misses an acknowledgements section I will informally thank the many people who have helped my realise this project here.

Computer Science Department staff and collegues:
* Kimmo Raatikainen for sponsorship
* Harri Laine for comments on the paper
* Mika Raento for our discussions and latex help
* Tiina Niklander for encouragement and our little discussions

Bath University friends:
* Ian Hickson
* Tom Pike
* Allan Clements

Last but not least:
* W3 device independent mailing list
* Rotan Hanrahan
* Henri Sivonen


If you like this, you might like the stateless Web kiosk software I develop. Webconverger typically replaces Windows on PCs and is deployed in public and business environments for ease of deployment and privacy. Once installed it auto-updates making it painless to maintain. Try it where you exclusively use the only viable open platform... the Web!