Debian Master Class near Exeter

I will be attending a “Debian Master Class” near Exeter this Saturday 25/09/2004. See the details of the event.

At the event, we’ll concentrate on Debian installations. I hope my Ubuntu CDs come through in time.

I volunteered to give a talk about Web application packaging.

Tbh I have not got around to making a “Hello World” Web application as a Debian package. I have been busy with my thesis and I don’t have a Debian machine to hack on. Multiple instances work, cool. That might save time. I have never done much PHP programming, but I hope to demonstrate to PHP-philes how to program their application to fit in better with unix and related stuff like apache and mysql. There are plenty of problems to talk about.

I will also talk about the exciting Web improvement work at the WHATWG, the mobile devices/platforms/UAs which I have been studying extensively and glam up that whole Web API.

I hate slideshows. I am used to giving speeches without slides. However, I have been meaning to try out Opera’s slideshow support. Geeky side taking over.

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