Bugzilla rant

Bugzilla rendering badly 12:17 < hendry> This might sound daft, but I am struggling to find bugzilla for Firefox to report or search for a bug 12:17 < hendry> No links in the bookmarks 12:17 < hendry> Nothing immediate in Help

Eventually I found Bugzilla for Firefox. Had to log in first. Not sure why. You don’t have to with Debian BTS.

My experience of Bugzilla has been awful. I have been put off by the amount of times the Web application Bugzilla simply did not work in Mozilla. Form problems many months ago. And now, in the screenshot you can see artifacts all over the rendering. FS.

You see I am trying to help the people I know start to use Firefox instead of say of IE. My friend million of miles away has this problem:

acrobat 6.0, and i updated mozilla. still when i go on a pdf site, then go back to the other page, mozilla does not respond. i'll use the other explorer.

Grrr, why doesn’t trackback do something here. It’s all very frustrating.

Finally found something Adobe related on crap-tastic (but working) Web forum.

I would investigate how to use Debian’s BTS instead.


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