Scale vs Zoom

Continuing my text legibility thoughts with SVG comments by Anne.

19:51 <@draq> I was thinking about SVG 19:51 <@draq> Could you resize text on an SVG media 19:51 <@draq> as easy as a web page? 19:51 <@draq> it wouldn't flow 19:51 <@draq> you would be zooming 19:52 <@draq> And I don't think zooming is the same as resizing text 19:52 <@draq> or is it?

If you do not know what SVG is, think Macromedia Flash. Or am I making a grave mistake in that comparison?

I was sharing a pint with my Dad and his friend where we chatted about mobiles. They liked that Nokias have a standard power supply unit for charging their phones.

They disliked how tiny the text was and how they needed to get their glasses out.

When I asked the friend why he thought Nokia has performing badly, he said because they were too late getting out the camera phones. I wouldn’t agree, but its an interesting comment.

One also complained how his series 60 device did not have automatic key lock. My series 40 phone does!

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