A preview of the Ubuntu Linux distribution is out.

For the time being, you could order some free copies. Their script could do with some polishing, however I hope my 386 arch CD comes through in the post.

After Steve’s worrying post about Debian not fitting on a DVD I hope that UbuntuLinux has all I need. Wait a minute. Nothing can satisfy my needs! :)

So, who is the audience of this Debian based UbuntuLinux distro? Mum&Pop? School? Enterprise? Little girls?

Why bother using heavy plone after the success of something like Wikipedia? Make the entire site a Wiki.

I am very wary of Gnome 2.8. I have said this several times before, but I’ll just say it again (and again). The desktop should be just a browser. I would sport Ion. Fast & effective. Although it wouldn’t look great to non-believers.

My Zulu is pretty bad, however I hope the title of the post translates to “I don’t know”.

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