SSL smtp nightmare

I need to setup Dovecot with a proper SSL certificate. Thunderbird and OE complain otherwise (my parents!). Why can’t Debian automagically generate one, like sshd does?

Same goes for my smtp server. I would like it to relay to more a more prestigous mail server (smarthost) and believe me that was a nightmare to get working. Of course you need to authenticate securely to the smarthost but the exim debconf questions don’t deal with this case. So you have to fiddle with exim4’s scary configuration file and confusing package naming.

Then there is the question of sensibly allowing users to securely authenticate to my host’s smtp server to relay mail. This is not setup by default either. It also needs me to figure out how to generate a SSL certificate again, I think. Of course you want to authenticate securely for users against PAM. I recall exim4’s debconf does present an option for relaying by IP which is a bit unreasonable considering most people do not have static IPs nowadays as clients.

Aren’t my needs quite common amongst other Debian users?

I should try Postfix again, but I remember I had some SSL problems with that too.

Console me.

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