Adult Education

As usual, I am complaining:

I have this “Guide to Courses 2004–2005” paper in front of my which does correlate to the web page here:

Is the webpage not updated?

But this time, I get a reply:

The Adult Education Section is currently being updated, unfortunately it is quite a large section, you will notice that as we update the dates will change, so for instance Helston, Falmouth, Newquay and Carradon are completed. Bodmin should be updated in the very near future.

Odd I think. Because term starts like, now. So I reply:

Isn’t deadline for enrolment for these courses… today?

I imagine this information is for people to enrol on courses. If the deadline is today, it doesn’t give google and people very much time to search and enrol in time.

She replies with:

I understand your grievance, unfortunately we only just received the information from the Adult Education Service, and we have over 1500, pages to keep up to date, 192 of them being Adult Education.

And then a very odd message:

P——- Susan would like to recall the message, “Adult Education”.

I write:

Would you like the message back? What does “recall” mean in this context?

And Cornish County Council’s Web Manager sets the record straight with:

I was going to amend the number as it was inaccurate, current pages stand at 18,630.


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