I paid 123.08 EUR for a return flight from Tampere to London Standstead. It costs 20 EUR to get to Tampere from Helsinki each way. So in total about 160EUR return from Helsinki via Ryanair to London Stanstead.

The bus left Helsinki at 18:45 from the Railway square opposite that new casino. I got into London about 11pm GMT. The express goes until 12:30, so you can get into London. However my Newquay flight for 25UKP was at 7:30.

Sleeping rough at London Standstead

I wish I bought my sleeping blanket!

At 11pm there was no free seats in the departure lounge in Stanstead. Most people were lying across three of them. A bit greedy, but I would probably have done the same. It is a shame that although there was young people from all over Europe there, there was just no social activities on offer. If I worked for the European Union I would endeavour to get young Europeans to meet and socialize with one another. What better place than an Airport? Nothing to lose. Everyone will fly off in different directions the next morning.

My 25UKP one way flight to Newquay was a bit painful. There is a limit of 15kg. I had 20kg suitcase from Tampere, and no one seemed to care. Assholes. Welcome to England I thought. The plane wasn’t even full like the Tampere – London Ryanair flight. I could of repacked and moved some weight to my hand luggage. I saw Italians take out stuff from their suitcase. Check in, and then put the stuff in plastics bags for taking aboard the plane as hand luggage.

I also could have worn a couple of heavy items like my a pair of heavy shoes instead of my trainers and a coat which I didn’t wear when I checked in. Daft. So I ended up paying about 23UKP for being 5kg overweight.

The flight to Newquay was on a clear day and it was absolutely amazing to see the Tamar bridge and the St. Austell clay mines (they’re huge) from the air. I enjoyed that.

I will go to London by train on the 20-something of September. I probably want to stop off in Reading to visit a friend. I should get a advanced ticket (APEX) now. But I want to be spontaneous.

The weather is great here in Cornwall. I wish some of my friends were here enjoying this with me.


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