Windows woe

So the USB modem attached to my parent’s computer is not compatible with Linux.

SO I’m stuck with XP.

What I hate about XP:

What I like about XP:
* Image viewer. When I rotate a picture it does NOT seem to destroy the EXIF (unlike feh)
* I like the File explorer.
* Right click context sensitive menu is nice when it works. “Edit” brings up notepad which I want to change to gvim.
* Offline stuff of Outlook works better than Thunderbird. OE is easier to use than Thunderbird.
* When I insert my compact flash card and it opens a window with the pictures previewed nicely.

I wish I somehow downloaded cygwin. Or had a closer look at colinux.

I wish I had my thinkpad running Debian Unstable with a super fast Internet connection so I could sit outside on the patio in the shade looking onto the garden.


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