Get a clue Dabs

I wanted to order an etrex for my trip so I can log my waypoints. Finally I want to download my logs to a Debian computer to plot it on a map using perhaps gpsdrive.

The etrex on Amazon UK but its 117UKP does not beat Dabs E-trex for 107UKP.

Darn, I have forgotten my password for Dabs, so I tried to recover it from their web application. But this piece of javascript:


Does nothing in Mozilla.

So I painfully navigate their Help Section to find out about forgotten passwords.

Note the:

Please note that this is the only way that we'll resend customers their passwords, because it's secure.

So I go to school to find a machine with Internet Explorer. The things I do to save 10UKP. I then use the IE dependent javascript popup expecting to somehow recover my password securely. After typing in my email address it said it sent the password BY EMAIL. PLAIN TEXT EMAIL.

Anyone could have intercepted that mail and buy stuff on Dabs with my account. Get a clue FFS.


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