Forging signatures

Sometime ago I thought I would just sign my signature for debit card use at stores with an X. I have been doing this for months now. No one has ever complained. Oh well, we’re in Finland.

Today, I got a new Debit card as my last one was about to fall apart. Only the better card readers were able to take it.

So I peel a brand new Visa electron from this piece of paper that’s signed by some representive of my bank, Sampo.

A forged signature

But there is no way someone would sign something like this and staring at the signature from the bank… it must have be printed by a good printer. There is no impression on the paper from the back. The paper is quite thick, but the pen used looks like a fountain pen. Even with a soft fineliner I can just pick out an impression. How ironic if this is true. A forged signature from a bank.

Urgh, don’t get me started with PINs. I’ve started entering them in my mobile phone with a bit of modulo and plausible prefixes.

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