Unix and Helsinki

So this morning I am in Helsinki and I thought, lets use the computers at Aleksandria, maybe they’ve improved from a year ago.

It has not. :/

First I found a machine and tried log in. Remembering the password is one thing, the username is another. I remember it being .hendry.ml, that’s right DOT hendry DOT ml. ml is for my faculty, Maths.

Didn’t work. I couldn’t tell if I had the wrong username, password or if my account has expired. Oh well, lets ask support. I go to the janitors who tell me to go the user account office on the 3rd floor. I go to find the User Account office is only open at 1pm. Hmmm, it’s 10am. WTF I am going to do.

I go and use the old DEC VT420. Still the old burnt out monitor. The keyboard that hasn’t been cleaned from the 70s. Still a keyboard with no ESC key to be found. And the screen update problems still exist. Those IT guys must think they’re pretty smart by predicting the demise of Unix terminals. IT DOES NOT WORK, THAT IS WHY NO ONE USES IT. It has been like that for a year now. Morons.

I talk again with janitors on the ground floor after they’ve had their smoke and they say I should try the IT support guy on the 2nd floor. After waiting ten minutes I tell him please let me have SSH access.

He’s sort of helpful and tells me if he had the choice he would be using Linux. I couldn’t help but notice he was using Internet Explorer. Would a man using Internet Explorer use Linux? I doubt it. Anyway, I got a (anonymous?) log in where he asked me to make sure I logged off.

He logged me in and nothing happened. Seriously. I thought to myself, there is something wrong! As I got up off my chair and proceeded back to the support office a win2k loading bar appeared. WTF? Can login times be slower than KDE I thought??! After seriously waiting for what seemed to be 5 minutes I was greeted with an error message and bunch of Novell icons.

Is this suppose to be easy with a sea of icons? Ok, I launch SSH client of F-secure which has a white background. I hate that. It seems to take ages to install the program. Why doesn’t it just run? I also launch Opera to browse and Coral to paste in the screenshot. What a mistake. The splash windows of either application preoccupied my foreground for about another 5 minutes.

Ok, so I do some work via SSH, check out some amazing Finnish girls and then goto Unicafe lunch.

I come back to the User Account office as it is now after 1pm to complain and get my account sorted so I can log in and do some work. The guy tells me my login has changed to .hendry.it.hy. I thought to myself so my faculty ML has become IT. So what does IT stand for I say? (remember we’re in Finland). He says Information Technology. He continues to say all students now have .it.hy in their username.

What? So every student has a DOT, DOT-I-T-DOT-H-Y in there username? Doesn’t that strike you as a little redundent? In defence he said he wasn’t the Computer Scientist.

After the User Account guy enables my account, he tells me I have to wait an hour before I can log into my account. I said I have waited half a day for you to open. He then says then I shouldn’t mind waiting another hour then.

I decided to then go play Lunch Money with some friends to chill out.

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