Web clients

I was thinking in the bath this morning about how I would construct a small of hardware that would just run a User Agent like Firefox.

It would have to have quite a lot of memory. 256mb RAM say.

The binary could be stored on compact flash. Compact flash I heard has a limited amount of writes.

That does not matter because I really don’t think there is anything that needs to be written. If the box is turned off, it could build up all those cookies etc. again. It’s no big deal. History is often poorly utilized by users too.

Couple of USB ports.

VGA ouput. The software would need some sort of Knoppix like Monitor detection.

Kettle lead power input. I just hate external PSUs.

Sound is unneccessary.

Actully hardware wise the Open Brick seems to do most of this already.

A hand holding a computer brick

It would need a straight up Internet connection. Absolutely seamless updates.

How much would people charge for this? Judging by the Wiki comments, 400EUR is just too dear. I would agree. It needs to be 100UKP or something.

Getting people to buy some sort of service subscription might be difficult. I guess it would be some Tivo like model.

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