Web E-mails

E-mails could be better integrated into the Web. For me at least the Internet is the Web and E-mail.

E-mail is “push” technology whilst Web “pull”. I hate this idea I have seen in Nokia RSS feeds about WAP Push. Nokia I beg of you, implement E-mail.

Anyway, I had this publishable email thread with a friend and I wanted to publish it on a webpage.

Nightmare ensues. I copy the body of the email into pre tags. Oh no. Attributions marks > !

Then I escape them with a visual selection and !escape.py.

Oh no, in the thread I shouldn’t publish Jamie’s emails, I should publish mine. Argh. There is about 10 mails in total. Argh, and then the conversation ends on IRC (actually ICQ, but I use bitlbee).

So is there a tool to publish “personal emails” on the web?

I ran an email through Markdown(cat secondmail.txt | perl Markdown.pl—html4tags). Jikes, that was a mistake. I just want emails as emails but with say links as anchors. Did that make sense?

Then I went off on a thought about email mimetypes and resource identifies and if and how a UA should implement this.

Found any of my content interesting or useful?