WP 1.2 Packaged

I would appreciate some early testing and feedback on my Wordpress 1.2 “Mingus” Debian package ., before it hits unstable. Download the deb and dpkg—install it.

Some colleagues have asked my why I like WP over say pybloxsom.

I am no fan of Mysql or PHP but this is how a lot of Web applications are done. Using and packaging this LAMP application allows me to get first hand experience about the issue of Web applications in Debian.

I actually like the HTML interface instead of say editing a file on the file system. It allows me to quickly spot HTML errors. Besides I still use vim (with spell check!) for editing the textarea via mozex.

Comments and Pingbacks work in Wordpress unlike my experiences with pybloxsom.

Last but not least, the Geek God Mark Pilgrim uses Wordpress. :)


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