In Finland there are three languages:

Often I am faced with choosing a language when using a Web application.

But why? I have my languages dialog correctly setup in my browser.

I know Debian does this , but why doesn’t anyone else do this?

Is it hard to do? Is there no support in web application languages?

Weboodi is a web application for registering at my University.

There I have to:

  1. Choose English at log in screen.
  2. Log in and it is back in Finnish… sigh
  3. Find settings. WTF are they called in Finnish. (Find dictionary or just randomly hit stuff)
  4. Choose English as my language in another language and save…
  5. Log out and re-open the application. Guess what language? Finnish again…

Additional thought: If user does not have their language dialog setup correctly(like no languages set), perhaps the web application can invoke the dialog of the UA.


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