WTF is site navigation toolbar?

I love that site navigation toolbar. But WTF isn’t it in Firefox? Mozilla has it in View->Show/Hide->Site Navigation Bar->Always on. When it’s on it looks like (I’ve highlighted it btw):

Site navigation bar highlighted

I find it extremely useful for the python docs and I planned to use it in my picture gallery software instead of putting all this nonsense forward and back links everywhere inline. I wish Creative commons used it instead of stupid annoying hyperlink to a button gif thing. It should be a link rel=“copyright” IMHO.

I decide to risk my sanity and search around in Bugzilla for some clues. Firefox guide for reporting bugs suggests you check each component! How insane.

I see it is somehow related to frames. /me has shivers run up his spine.

There are some evil tests for it…

It might be called the Page bar…

Argghh! Nothing here makes sense!

Xiven tells me it’s bloat on IRC and hence it’s not in Firefox, and it’s now an extension, Super.

WTF are you site navigation bar??
ARGH!!! WHY CAN‘T I SEARCH? I don’t browse damn you.

Hell with this. I am going back to Mozilla. Firefox focus problem in Ion were driving me nuts.
And there is a blinking cursor when I’m scrolling that annoys me. It certainly isn’t smooth. And it annoys me how it loses focus when I am viewing the source… Damn my debian desktop is going down the pan…

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